My sources of information are many and varied, and not least hidden somewhere in my own memory. Images are credited where the source is known. It is acknowledged that all badges and logo's are the property of Norwich City Football Club.

I would like to make special mention of the following sites and publications that I find useful, and all have splendid coverage of the club :

The Pink Un
Eastern Evening News
Eastern Daily Press                                                      
Norwich City programmes and supporter handbooks
BBC Sport
Sky Sports
Flown From The Nest
Panini Football Stickers
Merlin Football Stickers
George Plunkett's Photographs Of Old Norwich
Historical Football Kits
You Tube
eBay (the best place to purchase memorabilia)
Northern Ireland's Footballing Greats
The Giant Killers (FA Cup)
When Football Was Football - Norwich City (Iain Dale)
Images of Sport - Norwich City (Gary Enderby)

I recently purchased a copy of 'Canary Citizens' by John Eastwood and Mike Davage. This is the bible of Norwich City Football Club and a must for all fans interested in football history and it has become my constant source of reference. I cannot stress enough the importance of Mike Davage in particular when it comes to the recording of historical facts about the club. In 1994 he produced another book - 'Glorious Canaries', which gives detailed biographical information on all men to play for City up to that date. These notes are often things that he has painstakingly researched over the years and without his work, little would be known about many players from the past. In fact, much of what you will read on the internet about NCFC, including Wikipedia and other club sites can be sourced back to Mike Davage, and he continues to write to this day in club handbooks and programmes. If any non player is worthy for inclusion into the Norwich City Hall of Fame, he is surely the man.

An earlier work is Ted Bell's 'On The Ball City' - another excellent publication about the club from the seventies. Two fact packed books of more recent times are 'Norwich City - On This Day' by Gareth James and 'Norwich City Miscellany' by Edward Couzens-Lake (author of many other NCFC history books and an unrivalled master of his trade), published by Pitch Publishing. Both are filled with information similar to that found on Sing Up The River End! and are still widely available for purchase. The other thing I would say about Ed is that he has always been generous in his praise of Sing Up The River End! for which I am grateful.

I gather much information from old Norwich City handbooks and match programmes, a resource used I suspect by many who have walked this path before me. Whilst I endeavour to make Sing Up The River End! original, I cannot get away from repeating their historical facts and figures (albeit in different words and format) and acknowledge that here.

Finally a quick word about Wikipedia. There is more than decent NCFC content on view, and of course some of that information I have used, and it appears on SUTRE! How much has travelled in the other direction I have no idea. What I do know is that because SUTRE! is a blog, it cannot be used as a point of reference for the mighty Wikipedia platform - because blogs apparently are opinion based rather than fact based ! I leave, with regard to this blog, for you the reader to decide. One thing I would point out is that here we include all senior competitions in our player statistics whilst Wikipedia don't - for some unknown reason, they think FA Cup and League Cup appearances should not count. It is a shame that more facts from here cannot be added to that great encyclopedia. But you need to cite the source. The source is SUTRE! and SUTRE! is a blog. Catch 22 ! And as I say, a shame.