About This Blog

If you are visiting this blog for the first time, much of what follows will not be of particular interest. Go trawl our contents - enjoy your stay.

For those who have been aware of Sing Up The River End! over a period of time - maybe since its birth in 2010 - you will be mindful that the blog is something of a shadow of former days. In the last couple of years it has come and gone a few times as far as visibility on the net is concerned. The reasons for this are many and varied, lurching from one set of emotions and sentiments to another - some feelings positive from a personal point of view, but many negative. My frustrations are not important, but it has taken a while for me to decide what, if anything, to do with the site.

Our return to the public domain is entirely to do with restoring what I felt was a good standard of NCFC content to the view of Canary fans. I best not try to work out exactly how many hours I spent on SUTRE! in its heyday and I have no motivation to do that again. But to have so much knowledge sitting on my computer and invisible to fellow supporters was a dreadful waste in the end so what you see now is something of a watered down version of the original. Gone are the numerous items that needed regular updating. Items that took hours rather than minutes to revise. I have had to be quite ruthless in deciding what to chop and some personal favourites are now gone. But hopefully much of what is left will still stand up to scrutiny just as it did when first published. My passion for NCFC is as strong as it was in 1969 when I attended my first Carrow Road game. But my passion for modern day football is, alas, not equal to it. So I have left the site, hopefully, in a position where should I do nothing with it for the next three years or more, it will still be considered worthy of a read to anyone interested.

I loved every minute of that 2010 to 2015 period when I was often publishing thirty items a week, some relevant to the forthcoming match as well which meant deadlines to be met. I loved the pain staking hours spent over spreadsheets in order to produce unique statistics about players and their time with our club. I particular loved the feedback from families of former players who were delighted that some recognition of their loved ones services to NCFC was at last recorded on the internet.

Sadly I no longer have the time or inclination to keep that going, but more happily I continue to share some of the results of the hours I put into the project. Who knows, maybe I will at some time in the future add a few more things - though it will most likely be done in such a way that nobody will notice.

(left to right, top to bottom) :  Bert Stansfield, Steve Bruce, Robert Collinson, Charlie Dennington, Clive Payne, Bobby Brennan, Ron Saunders, Greg Downs, Mike Phelan, Ralph Hunt, Alan Black, Alf Kirchen, Bill Punton, John Deehan, Ken Nethercott, Zema Abbey, Reg Foulkes, Geoff Butler, Gary Holt, Pompey Martin, David Phillips, David Williams, Alf Ackerman, Craig Bellamy, Doug Livermore, Alan Taylor, David Jones, Dean Ashton, Dave Watson, Darel Russell, Gordon Bolland, Ian Crook, Ian Butterworth, Bennie Smith, Colin Sullivan, Jimmy Kerr, Dion Dublin, Fraser Forster, Ian Culverhouse, Herbert Skermer, Jack Vinall, Jeremy Goss, Paul McVeigh, Chris Sutton, John Bowman, Jamie Cureton, Mel Machin, Arthur South, Johnny Gavin, Jonny Howson, John Ryan, John Polston, Peter Mendham, Kevin Reeves, Keith Bertschin, Ruel Fox, Norman Low, Kevin Drinkell, Sandy Kennon, Kevin Bond, Russell Martin, Rob Green, Peter Sylvester, Malcolm Allen, Terry Allcock, Simeon Jackson, Rob Earnshaw