Pink 'Un Headlines - 1959

For many years, The Pink 'Un was renowned for jokey headlines. Many have not stood the test of time, but they do sum up the football age in which they were published. The writers had a field day in 1959 as Norwich City's FA Cup run gathered pace. Here are the headlines that could be found, either on the front page of our favourite newspaper, or the 'special' sections dedicated to the great achievements of the Canaries. Unfortunately, the replayed games were midweek affairs, and therefore not covered by the Saturday evening publication.

v Manchester United, 3rd Round
Mr. Busby Comes To Town ! 
Bly, Bly, Babes !

v Cardiff City, 4th Round
Taffies Bly-Ted !

v Tottenham Hotspur, 5th Round
Wotcha, Cock !
We'll Meet Again

v Sheffield United, Quarter Final
City Still In

v Luton Town, Semi Final
Hi'Ya Hatters !
It's A Replay

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