Thanks Paul, You've Been Brilliant For Us

News that manager Paul Lambert has tended his resignation would seem to signal the end of his tenure at Norwich City. The club may have rejected it, but things will never be the same again, even if his rumoured move to Aston Villa falls through.

History will always see Lambert recorded as one of the best and most successful Canary bosses ever. Through outstanding tactical nous, clever transfer dealing, and admirable man management he has pulled the club up by their proverbial boot strings.

But am I alone in feeling just a little relieved that things have now come to a head ? There has been an unease around the club in recent weeks - perhaps even, in recent months. Suddenly I see some light at the end of the tunnel. Pursuit of Premier League survival was so ruthlessly undertaken, there was an inevitability that once safe from relegation, much behind the scenes manoeuvring would kick off. Lambert, and indeed some players, were always going to have their own personal agendas to satisfy. And those agendas were not necessarily in the best interests of the club.

Sad as I am to see the end of an era, I am happy to swiftly move on. The combination of owners and directors that we have in place, fills me with much hope that we are in a position to get a good replacement. Paul Lambert will be a hard act to follow, but for once, the club will not be short of impressive applicants. And whilst the transfer funds and ambition may not be big enough for some present incumbents, there are many out there who will see Norwich City as a fabulous challenge. Getting the new appointment right will be a massive task. And please, let us leave sentimentality behind for once. Nobody currently employed at the club is suitable. I am confident David McNally will go for a proven achiever, and perhaps this time, somebody with top level experience, either as a manager or player.

Supporters will have their favourites. And they will deal with the emotion, and in some cases, anger, of Lambert's departure in their own way.

Paul Lambert, you have been brilliant for us. You gave us three great years. Whilst only time will tell whether you have made the right move, their are no question marks over your level of commitment to the cause since August 2009.

This day was always inevitable for Norwich City. It was always going to happen, sometime.

But anyone believing it marks the end of our great club should think again. Paul Lambert created a huge wave of success. Don't put it past David McNally to find a new man, if he has to, who is capable of riding the surf, and taking us on even further.

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