Kevin Keelan In 2011

Anyone who admires Kevin Keelan as much as I do will love this video clip. It shows a match played just last year in 2011 in which the Norwich City goalkeeping legend took part, and 'The Cat' can be seen making some good saves. In fact one was really good (around ten minutes into the video), demonstrating he can still get to ground quickly, just as he did back in the good old days. The event was billed as The Buick GMC Celebrity Half Time Game, the greens versus the yellows, with Keelan between the sticks for the latter wearing the No13 shirt. It's not much more than a park kick-around, but persevere if you can, the best parts come in the second half of the clip.

Keelan (born 1941) stills look fit, healthy, and alert, and you can tell that he has remained in football since leaving these shores way back at the start of the eighties. His positioning in this game was still excellent, and his distribution was miles better than Joe Hart (though some might argue that is not too difficult). I loved also the beaming smile of victory at the end of the match -  KK, I reckon, is still a fierce competitor.

My thanks, as always, to YouTube, and the contributor who posted the clip.


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